Beyond the Wings March 2020

Well, that happened fast. I of course had to cancel my album launch party in April, and it looks highly unlikely that my MBA graduation will happen in June. Many of my favourite activities – including going to the gym, the cinema, the swimming pool, and the pub – will be off for the foreseeable future, but I am trying to keep busy.


Since most of my activities, both paid work and passion projects, are solitary in nature, or can be moved online, I should be able to ride out this crisis as well as most people. I am still teaching online, Mandarin, the guitar, creative writing, and essay writing.

I am also set to get a short story published this week and have been working on some new music videos. I received a 19-page report on my novel, working title ‘In a Lonely Hour’, and have started addressing the many critiques.


Both of my albums have now been released. The English album ‘TMItastic’ is available on all major online platforms, and also on CD if you message me directly. Here is the trailer:

The Chinese-language album 《失败博物馆》 ‘Museum of Failure’  will soon be available online. Here is a trailer for it:

My chances of making money off them have all but evaporated due to the virus, but the early feedback has been heartening. Hopefully there will be more online evidence of this over the coming month.

Wider World

I was seventeen when 9/11 happened, and twenty-four when the Global Financial Crisis toppled the economic superiority of the West, but this is the first time I have been so directly affected by an international upheaval.

The virus originated in China, but that country appears to be over the worst of it while Europe and North America could be six months away from starting to revive their industry. During the inevitable recession, I may consider returning to East Asia to ride out the lean years.

6 thoughts on “Beyond the Wings March 2020”

  1. Hi Kevin. If you would like a reader for your novel any time to get additional feedback, I’d be more than happy to do so. Gareth


  2. Yes, for sure, will do. I know I’ve heard some of the songs already (I’ve always really liked When I See a Starry Sky), but I’ll listen to them all and write a review.


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