Beyond the Wings, September 2021 

‘Abusive X’ is now available on all major platforms. The initial launch night is set for November 13th at the Lion’s Den, Manchester.


Tutoring is continuing to go great. My pupils for both Chinese and English are making pleasing progress.

On the subject of Chinese, this month’s China Book Club was ‘Broken Wings’ by Jia Pingwa. Upcoming ones will include China Dream’ by Ma Jian, and Out of Mao’s Shadow by Philip Pan.

With some pupils moving on recently, I hope to get more tutoring business going forward, especially in essay writing and music.


My classical guitar will go unused for a few days as the new set of strings settles, the last outing for the old strings was a recording of ‘Hommage à Tarrega’, an exciting and technically challenging piece by Joaquin Turina.

I also revived my weekly miscellaneous covers. Though still somewhat creatively drained after finishing ‘Abusive X’, I hope to finish some new original songs in October.

Wider World

Of the two political earthquakes of 2016, Brexit always seemed more consequential than the election of Donald Trump. Trump may be the most talked about person of the past half decade, but there is no reason to believe his presidency will be considered a particularly memorable one in decades to come.

Despite his disastrous handling of Covid, attempted coup, and two impeachments, he is already considered by many to be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, Brexit is only just beginning to be a reality.

Manifestations currently include depleted shelves and a shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers. Lots of people have a lot to say about this, some very amusingly.

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