Chinese Songs

The medium of pop music greatly helped make sense of my experience in China, and I wrote a lot of Chinese-language songs myself, becoming the subject of features in China Daily and Guangdong Television. I have also given in-depth interviews about the process.

The songs include “Shuiwei Nights” about the ubiquity of extramarital affairs of convenience

Migrant Workers“, about the downtrodden people who built the economic miracle

Lao Hong“, about the many Chinese people who grew rich before they got cultured

Chinese Girl“, about China’s purported traditional values

and “One Fine Day

The first album ‘Museum of Failure’ is available in its entirety as a YouTube playlist, and on all major platforms, as is the second album ‘We Need to Talk about the Kev‘.  Both albums 《失败博物馆》 and 《我们需要谈谈麦凯文》can be found on most major platforms if you paste the titles into the search engines.

You can find more about my Chinese songwriting in other media such as this.

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