Tutoring and Training

I have had a rich and varied career, and am now committed to guiding other people to reach their potential and beyond. I write essays and translations for the Los Angeles Review of Books, and can speak, read and write Mandarin. I am an international MBA with a background in Global Fortune 500 companies but my main skills are writing, translation and music and imparting those skills to others.

Training and tutoring have long been part of my career. While I was teaching myself Mandarin, I supported myself by teaching English and the Spanish guitar to all age groups and levels. While working at Midea Group, I gave a series of bilingual corporate training sessions at their international division.

I have been teaching the Spanish guitar professionally since I was 20 and write and record songs in Mandarin. My Chinese-language songwriting has been the subject of features in China Daily and on Guangdong Television. I am also a published short story writer.

My subjects are:

Mandarin – Having learned it myself, starting from scratch in my 20s, I am uniquely able to assess and satisfy the needs of each learner.

Guitar – I will find out the student’s level, background, ambitions, and use a lifetime of knowledge and experience to take them to where they want to go.

Creative Writing – I have an MA in Creative Writing, and have had six short stories published around the world. I have studied under many award-winning masters, including Paul Kingsnorth and Nam Le. I am also a critically acclaimed songwriter in both English and Mandarin-Chinese.

Essay Writing – I achieved the highest possible grade in my MBA at EU Business School, and have had essays and translations published in such world-class institutions as The LA Review of Books and Open Democracy.

For further enquiries about these services, please contact mcgeary@gmail.com

我也很会帮人准备Life in the UK Test 考试, 如果你需要人帮你准备参加这个考试那请联系我 mcgeary@gmail.com 我的微信用户名是 ‘kevinmcgeary’