I am writing a collection of short stories revolving around Shenzhen City in China. You can read more about the collection here.

The stories published so far include:

In “The Twenty-Seven Club, published by Fiction on the Web, a singer-songwriter realizes his career is over before it began. But he sees one last opportunity to emulate his heroes.

The Disposable” published by Fabula Argentea, is narrated by a Foxconn worker who, after committing suicide, is reincarnated as an iPhone.

Shuang” published by Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing takes a somewhat slapstick approach to the issue of female infanticide. There is a personal story behind it.

The Naked Wedding” published by Cecile’s Writers is about a female friendship torn apart by the economic miracle.

Kobe Bryant and the Freedom Swimmer” spans forty years of Chinese history, from when this happened till when this happened.

“Li Lei’s Big Escape”, published by Collective Unrest, is about a mental patient with a life-changing opportunity. It was retroactively unpublished, but I may still include it in a collection.