I am writing a collection of short stories revolving around Shenzhen City in China. You can read more about the collection here.

The stories published so far include:

In “The Twenty-Seven Club, published by Fiction on the Web, a singer-songwriter realizes his career is over before it began. But he sees one last opportunity to emulate his heroes.

The Disposable” published by Fabula Argentea, is narrated by a Foxconn worker who, after committing suicide, is reincarnated as an iPhone.

Shuang” published by Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing takes a somewhat slapstick approach to the issue of female infanticide. There is a personal story behind it.

The Naked Wedding” published by Cecile’s Writers is about a female friendship torn apart by the economic miracle.

Li Lei’s Big Escape“, published by Collective Unrest, is about a mental patient with a life-changing opportunity.