Beyond the Wings September 2019

This has been a month of endings and beginnings.


This month I left Beetham Tower, whose north-facing view provided the backdrop to over a year’s worth of music videos. I have moved to a place where it seems to be easier to get silence for recording.

Other big things to have come to and this month include my. MBA. I defended the thesis successfully in Barcelona on September 23rd. I also finished the first draft of a novel (working title “The Watcher”) and began the second draft largely based on the excellent professional feedback from The Darling Axe.

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 14.07.28


The last recording in front of the Manchester skyline was a guitar adaptation of “The Humming Chorus” from Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly”.

I also intend to revive my use of Soundcloud to promote my music. I re-recorded a song I wrote in 2012 titled “TV Talent Shows”.

And I recorded a song I have often played at open mic nights.

Wider World

An impeachment of Donald Trump is now a real possibility but there is a long and rocky road to making it happen, or even denying him a second term. To quote Bill Maher, Republicans are the party of rednecks, but Democrats are the party of blueballs, so it would be foolish to get one’s hopes up.

As Greta Thunberg has so memorably pointed out, Trump and Brexit are only a small part of the reason why the future is so scary.

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