Beyond the Wings, March 2021

With a world-leading vaccination program, people here in the UK can almost taste life after lockdown, but the pandemic is still far from over. I am as yet unable to schedule a book launch, or an album launch but am working to make sure those nights are as good as possible.


In March I completed a new satirical English song

A non-satirical English song

And a new Chinese song.

I have also kept year-long habits like the Mandarin Club and the weekly covers.


As well as tutoring regularly – guiding two pupils to exams – I have been writing a lot, including some professional copywriting. There are now two Amazon reviews of my book, and my strategy for getting reviews in newspapers and magazines should pay off later this year.

Wider World

With vaccines being rolled out all over the world, there is much cause for optimism. This illness that has killed over two-and-a-half million people worldwide has created another challenge for those of us lucky enough to survive – to not die inside.

For me, being better off than I was a year ago, through sheer luck, it is difficult not to have some form of survivor’s guilt. Some days ‘Fitter Happier’ by Radiohead captures my mood:

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