Beyond the Wings, November 2021

After a delay of over eighteen months, I finally got to hold the album launch night. It was the longest set I’ve ever performed, and generally went well.


Getting more clients for tutoring is still a challenge, since lots of people will be broke this winter (see Wider World below), but people like to work with known entities, and performing music has been an unorthodox but effective way of building awareness.  

When I returned to the UK in 2018, my only ambition was to land a nine-to-five. After a big professional blow at the end of that year, I started to get into the open mic scene to build up some confidence and, because, why not?

After my most prolific ever creative spell, culminated in some great on-stage moments, including this finale:

And this should be just the beginning.


As well as spending serious time on the novel ‘Fallen Souls’, this month I uploaded two new classical guitar videos. These were ‘Reminiscence’ by the strangely obscure LH Drabble

And ‘Pavane for a Dead Princess’ by the very not obscure Maurice Ravel

Wider World

Inflation is likely to be a massive feature of the 2020s. The most recent Consumer Price Index inflation report has shown prices rising across the board. Overall, prices climbed 6.2% year-over-year, the largest increase since November 1990.

This year Deutsche Bank warned of a global ‘time bomb’, adding “the effects could be devastating, particularly for the most vulnerable in society.” This is one of several factors that will cause tough times ahead.

I recently saw the neglected 1989 classic ‘Scandal’, which is set during Harold McMillan’s premiership. McMillan famously said in 1957 “you’ve never had it so good”. He was probably right, and in the West things would get better over subsequent decades.

It is becoming evident to have lived at this time (1950s to 2010s) is by and large to have won history’s lottery. But then scribblers have always proclaimed that the world is going to hell. Our ancestors muddled through much worse things than us, and we still have their DNA.

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