Q & A with Ayanam Udoma

Ayanam, who will take the stage at Academy 3 on August 20th, is a Nigerian singer who grew up in Lagos but now lives in Manchester and considers himself an honorary Mancunian. He describes his musical style as soulful pop with his covers of Pop and R&B classics often accentuated by his raspy vocals.

Catch Ayanam at Academy 3, August 20th

A quarter-finalist on The Voice UK (2019) as a member of Sir Tom Jones’ team, Ayanam continues to hone his craft all over the UK, having performed at notable venues such as The Troubadour (London), Soho House’s The Ned Hotel (London), Matt & Phreds (Manchester), and The Whiskey Jar (Manchester).

His latest release, CBD, is now on Spotify

How long have you been playing?

Outside of school – I think about 10 or so years.

Where can people catch you playing before the gig on August 20th?

Playing as a support act for Joel Gardiner on July 9th at 33 Oldham Street.

Playing at the Whiskey Jar on the 13th of July.

Playing at the Whitworth Locke Hotel on the 26th of June and the 17th of July.

Ayanam’s self-penned song about his hometown

When was the first time you played live?

Not counting school performances – tail-end of 2011/beginning of 2012

What are most listened to songs on your Spotify?

ATM I’ve been listening to “been about it” by Andy Mineo and Lecrae a fair bit!

What can people expect from your performance?

A fairly mellow energy and guilty pleasure covers.

Favourite artists and influences

Paolo Nutini, Chance the Rapper, early 2000s bubble gum pop.

Your first album bought

I want to say it was “I don’t wanna know” by Mario Winnans.

Your hopes and where you see your path in music

Would like to do a proper global tour with a tour bus and all of that.

What was your first gig as an audience member?

I think the first ever proper big concert I went to was a Beyonce/Jay-Z one

What was the last gig you went to?

Hayden Barlow’s EP release

What upcoming gigs have you planned?

Apart from yours, my next ticketed gig is on the 9th of July as a support act for Joel Gardiner

Why people should buy a ticket to your show?

All the covers I do are mellow versions of songs you’ll know and who doesn’t love knowing something?

Most disliked artist/genre and why?

I don’t like artists who act too self-important but genre-wise, I don’t dislike any genre…just some songs click with me on an instinctive, almost animalistic level and some don’t. You just know when you know haha. Also depends on my mood when I hear the song and whether it complements it.

What are your musical ambitions?

To be able to make a comfortable living from touring alone.

You can follow Ayanam on YouTube, Instagram, and of course, check him out at Academy 3 on August 20th

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