Beyond the Wings, September 2020

I am hardly alone in saying that many ambitions and resolutions for this year have had to be scrapped, from get a novel to submittable standard, to being able to bench my own weight. But there have been some consolations, and there may still be a few more.


This month, I had a short story appear in an eBook from one of the Anglophone world’s most admired publishers, Manchester’s own Comma Press. It is about celebrity, and covers issues that are even more fraught now than when I wrote it at the end of last year.

I have also placed three new original songs on YouTube, an English one about the corporate world

Another English one about the government

And a Chinese one about infidelity


I have taken on new clients for ESL, as my tutoring continues to grow beyond my expectations. It has also been a relief to get back to certain places of business, from gyms to swimming pools, though like most people, I lost a lot of fitness during the March to August period.

Like everyone else, I am trying to keep it together emotionally. Music seems the best way of staying serene.

Wider World

With Covid infections way up, there is little hope that the end of 2020 will be any less miserable than the spring, summer, and autumn. I had been planning to write an essay about the American election, but it turns out Andrew Sullivan has already written it for me.

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