Beyond the Wings, October 2020

This year has of course been a tsunami of awfulness. It seems every week, at least one of my social media contacts is losing someone close to them. It’s difficult to stay productive, but the best effort must be made.


This month, I have recorded and uploaded recently written songs with improved audio. These include ‘Epiphany’, which is a sure thing for the next album:

I also wrote a non-comedy song:


With a second lockdown looming here in the UK, it is important to find reasons to be joyful. I was pleased to receive some endorsements of my comedy songwriting from artists who I respect. Their kind words can be found on this page.

And since all human life has moved online, I am hosting lots of exciting literary events like this and this, and musical events like this and this.

Wider World

The American election takes place at the beginning of November. Every election is described as ‘the most important of our lifetime’. Considering the progressive nature of Joe Biden’s climate change policy and Trump’s incurable character flaws. This one probably is.

I gave this interview about it to Nour Negm:

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